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Non Disclosures

Non Disclosures:

You also may qualify to have your record sealed from public view. In this situation, it would take a court order to view it, or a government agency may still look in your record. You can only get a non-disclosure if you are on deferred adjudication, have successfully completed the process and you have no convictions since then. Even then, it is up to the judge's discretion.

A non disclosure prevents private entities and people from seeing your criminal history (e.g. employers, rental managers, and private citizens). The non disclosure does not prevent state and federal agencies from viewing your record (e.g. DPS, state police agencies, local police, and the FBI). 

In order to qualify for the non disclosure you must wait the statutory period then file a petition with the court that presided over the original charge. In order to qualify for a Non-Disclosure, Deferred Adjudication Probation MUST have been successfully completed, and a person must not have any additional convictions for a statutory waiting period which varies depending on the offense. Many offenses for which a person might complete Deferred Adjudication Probation are not eligible for non-disclosure. These include family violence offenses, certain sex offenses, and certain violent felonies.

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